Mixed mushroom tart with walnut & gruyère crumble

Today has been a day of moments where I have wanted to give myself a lot of pats on the back. One of those moments was when I whipped up this little beast of a tart and took my first bite. I know not everyone is a fan of mushrooms but I really dig the slippery little suckers. When cooked correctly they are flavoursome and tender. We are lucky to have a strong mushroom industry in Australia which gives us access to lovely little exotic mushroom morsels, like the range that I used for this tart.

Balsamic strawberries & marshmallow tart

created this recipe a couple of years ago when my friend Milton and I had a “pie off” to see who was the best pie chef and unfortunately for Milton this was a winning combination. I have since turned the pie recipe in to a tart as the marshmallows are better when they crisp up on the outside and it is always fun to talk about tarts because there is usually a bad joke involved.